Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harley Davidson bikes in India

Almost two decades ago the American government banned the sale of Indian mangoes in the US, on account of the 'excess pesticides' Indian farmers use.

But since the ban has now been lifted, and Indian mangoes are now readily exported to the US, India in return has reversed the ban on importing two wheelers that are more than 800cc to the Indian market. So that means the monstrous engines of the Harley Davidson are ready to storm to India.

On Thursday the official website of Harley Davidson announced that its cruiser motorbikes will arrive in the fast-emerging and promising Indian market, however no word yet on how much the bikes will cost in India. Our guess is that they will be priced upwards of Rs 15 lakhs, especially since the lowest end Harley in the US costs about $12,000. Although to gain a profit, the Indian goevernment is forced to impose excise duties on 800cc+ motorcycles. Japanese bike giant Yamaha also had a tough time launching the saucy YZF-R1 and the MT-01 in India as it had to overcome the import trade policy. Honda and Suzuki also have made their foray by bringing some of their international bikes to India.

The Harley Davidson range of bikes remain to be the most popular cruiser bikes in the world and the deep pocketed Indian junta will be more than happy to snap up a Harley or two. Check back this space for more on the Harley Davidson bikes in India.

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