Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roger Federer Vs. Andy Murray

It’s here! The 2010 Australian Open men’s singles final is upon us. And it’s going to be a scorcher! (Or at least pretty warm. The weather forecast calls for evening temperatures in the mid eighties.) Here’s what’s happening on-court:

Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray, Rajah vs. Muzzah, Swiss vs. Scot, offense to defense vs. defense to offense, experience vs. youth, 4 vs. 6, 15 vs. 0.

These two have played 10 times, with Murray winning six of the encounters. Federer’s won the last two – at the World Tour Finals and the Cincinnati Masters – as well as their one Major meeting in the 2008 US Open finals.

It’s a close match up, and we all know what to expect. Roger has it all planned out, you see: “Andy, if you are listening, I’ll come in on your backhand, you’ll pass me, I’ll drop shot you, you’ll lob me, I’ll hit it through the legs. It’ll be something like that.”

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