Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green Countries of the world - Switzerland

Switzerland stands 2nd in the list of Green countries of the world with 89.1 points. The country which was the leader in the list of cleanest countries in 2008 has been pushed to second place in 2010. Swiss, which always prefers to stay as a ‘clean’ and a ‘green’ country is gradually reducing emissions of carbon dioxide. The government is gradually creating new national parks, where nature comes in its original form.

Not only the government, but also the small and large scale industries, as well as individual firms, are adopting ‘green’ technology in every possible way. They also encourage their clients and customers to the use of such ‘green’ technology. For example, a number of hotels in this country are giving a considerable discount to those tourists who arrive in hybrid cars. Many houses in Swiss use geothermal sources for heating system. Switzerland is trying to regain the top spot in the list of green countries.

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