Sunday, February 13, 2011

TCS follows IPL style auctions to hire, quote lowest to get job

IT major TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) plans to hire 37,000 professionals for its domestic and overseas markets through campus auctions in the next fiscal. But the auctions will not have TCS bidding for bright freshers, but the freshers bidding for dull jobs. Each round of bidding will see 50 freshers coming together, and whoever quotes the lowest salary demand will get a job contract from TCS.
“It is a mammoth effort to go all over the country and conduct complex processes to hire freshers who would anyways be kept on the benches. What is the use of conducting irrelevant GDs and PIs to hire future-benchers? Hence we have taken inspiration from the recently concluded IPL auctions and will be conducting auctions in many campuses of India to hire freshers,” confirmed the recruitment head of TCS.
A possible scenario of professional “franchises” gathered to bid for software jobs
The base prices of the freshers have been set as per their overall percentage or CGPA across the four years of education. Higher percentage commands a higher base price and then it’s a game of who goes the lowest for the “lucrative” offer.
“We expect tough competition in most of the engineering colleges since four years of hardship anyways squeezes out the self-esteem of most of the freshers. Hence we can expect the freshers to go head on against their classmates to see who can lower the bar the most,” said the TCS recruitment head.
The process has come in for acclaim from the other IT companies. The recruitment head of Infosys candidly admitted, “Freshers are like beasts of burden in the IT world. They do all the grunt work which is anyways defined by our processes. Hence this idea makes perfect sense since we can now get enthusiastic IT donkeys who will work their asses off at economical costs for us.”
The news has attracted mixed response from the freshers though. Many final year B.Tech students are already using linear programming methods to find the minimum amount they need to stay alive in various cities, while others have asked their parents if they could “contribute” a little.

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