Monday, August 22, 2011

Inmarsat USA Sig Hansen

FleetBroadband is the first maritime communications service to provide cost-effective broadband data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis.

In 2009, Captain Sig Hansen, replaced the communications system onboard his fishing vessel, Northwestern, with an Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminal. Since its installation he has become a major advocate of this award winning service, which continues to exceed adoption expectations.

FleetBroadband not only gives Captain Sig Hansen the ability to download the most up-to-date weather reports and oceanographic data, helping him plan his trips to maximise revenue, it also gives him a system that improves efficiency and safety, from reporting his catch prior to reaching port to regular maintenance and emergencies. However, just as important is the fact that his crew can contact home by telephone, email and SMS, at anytime and from anywhere - vital for maintaining morale.

The same applies to the safety and weather video but the additional information is:
Not only has Captain Sig Hansen the ability to access real-time weather reports helped Sig and his crew feel safer, but the introduction of a 505 Emergency Calling facility on FleetBroadband means that he can now call his nearest Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre for free, if he gets into trouble. You can understand why this is important to him when he describes in the video 60 foot waves and terrifying gusts of wind that the Northwestern and her crew cope with on a regular basis.

Standard IP
Up to 432kbps over a shared channel, for email, internet and intranet access

Streaming IP
Guaranteed data rates on demand up to 256kbps.

Make phone calls at the same time as accessing data applications.

Supports ISDN at 64kbps for legacy applications.

SMS text
Send and receive text messages.

Overview of 505 Emergency Calling:
505 Emergency Calling is a short code dialing facility that provides direct access to maritime relief.

Inmarsat have just launched a voice distress service on FleetBroadband:
The voice distress service utilises FleetBroadband to provide priority call access - interrupting all non-distress calls - either ship-to-shore or shore-to-ship, as soon as the - red distress button - on the alarm panel is pressed. The caller will then be connected to an operator at one of three Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres (MRCCs) strategically located around the globe.

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