Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pay easily with Barclaycard's PayTag

Watch Hollywood Hero, David Hasselhoff, celebrate the first ever payment by a customer using their Barclaycard PayTag in this surprise extravaganza featuring a group of Shaolin Monks, Can-Can dancers, Cheerleaders and a Brass Band.

About Barclaycard PayTag
PayTag can turn any mobile into a contactless way to pay, in seconds.

There’s no need to fumble with cash, find your card, or enter a PIN. And because it simply sticks to the back of your mobile, it’s right there when you need it most. Putting the convenience of this new way to pay in the palm of your hand.

Find out what happened when a Barclaycard customer used his PayTag as a contactless way to pay.
What is a PayTag?

It’s the new way to pay using contactless technology. Around a third of the size of a credit card, it’s a sticker you can attach to the back of your mobile phone, allowing you to make contactless payments.
Is it safe?

In a word – yes. If you lose your PayTag or it gets stolen, you’ll be protected against fraudulent activity, in just the same way as with your contactless Barclaycard.
Where can I use it?

PayTag can be used on over 100,000 contactless readers across the UK

From your first morning coffee to your late taxi home, with a new PayTag you can make contactless payments up to £15 (increasing to £20 from 1st June 2012)* in seconds at a huge range of places, wherever you see the contactless symbol.

Description: Contactless symbol

By the end of 2012 it is predicted that there will be over 150,000 contactless readers across the UK, including many household names such as Waitrose, Boots and Tesco’s. And we’re adding more every week.

Sandwich shops, sports clubs, newsagents and caf├ęs – even convenience stores are now more convenient.

Your new way to pay is waiting to be discovered.

*Date subject to change, may differ on non-Barclaycard readers.

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