Saturday, March 13, 2010

Richest man in the World

On March 10th, Forbes Magazine announced the list of the richest person in the world. For the third consecutive year in a row, the world has got a new richest person. The Mexican Telecom tycoon, Carlos Slim Helu has out passed U.S. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to become the wealthiest person on earth. His wealth is estimated to be $53.5 billion. He is closely followed by Microsoft Bill Gates with a net worth of $53 billion and investment guru Warren Buffett whose assests is worth $47 billion. Interestingly, Indian Industrialist Reliance's Mukesh Ambani made it to the forth position with a net worth of $29 billion. NRI billionaire Lakshmi mittal ranks fifth with an overall wealth of $28.7. Others in the list include Oracle's Lawrence Ellison with $28 billion, Bernard Arnault of France with $27.5 billion, Eike Batista of Brazil with $27 billion, Spaniard Amancio Ortega with $25 billion and Karl Albrecht with $23.5 billion

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