Wednesday, November 3, 2010

World's Longest Ambulance

A day may come when Guinness Book of World Records may have all the largest and longest items from Dubai. Launched in the streets of Dubai, United Arab Emirates the largest and longest ambulance in the world during the celebration of a large informal.

The car got a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records as the unique and longer universally.
Said Khalifa bin Dry Executive Director of the Center for ambulance services that the new car is longer than 20 meters to accommodate more than 45 injured at one time and includes two operating rooms and intensive care room and family medical situations as well as medium-sized stretchers and seats for minor injuries.
The car has been linked to satellite and internet services provided within the camera image directly to the movement of surgical operations within the emergency physicians in hospitals, which tend to the situation affected.

And Ben Dare: "engaged experts in the center on the creation of the car and set design, giving the company manufactured in the Germany city of Frankfurt that ended the company's implementation a few days ago."

He added: "We've engineered this car should not be just an ambulance to transport the injured, but also keen to be as mobile hospital to receive patient and diagnose his condition, in case it needed to undergo an operation in the case, then transferred to the intensive care unit in the car, bringing the to the hospital after all medical procedures are urgent and necessary have been made to him."

The ambulance director of Dubai to the car costing nearly two million dollars has been provided by more than 25 device-the-art medical equipment in the world. The car also includes a pharmacy contains all the necessary medicines for the surgical treatment of injuries and accidents and emergency medicine.

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