Thursday, February 7, 2013

Viswaroopam Movie Review

After watching Viswaroopam, one thing that kept on poping in my mind is why the hell the movie was dragged into so much controversies by some people. This will be the mindset of almost everyone who watches the film.

Viswaroopam is a first of its kind film in Tamil Cinema. The making of the film is very rich, stylish and cinematography by Sanu Varghese makes this film a action-spy thriller with international standards in true sense. Kamal Hassan excels as an actor, director and writer in this film.

The plot of the film is how a life of an ordinary couple changes when one hires a detective to spy the other and they get involved in extra-ordinary situations when the detective gets killed by a terrorist gang. The film has two tracks one Kamal Hassan's past and the other present in America.

The entire film takes shot in US and Afghanistan and it is made to portray in a very authentic way. Kamal Hassan has worked very well on the screenplay, the film is rightly paced once when all the elements of plot get untied we are thrown into a thrill ride. As a director he has skillfully etched each and every frame of the film which is evident right from the title card.

Every shot in the film is important and Kamal has conveyed a lot of messages visually rather than through dialogues which is very noteworthy in the entire Afghan sequence.

All the actors have done a very good job. Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Andreah, Nasser and rest of the cast come through as the characters very well. The guest appearance by Shekar Kapur is well utilized.

This film is a sure multiple times watchable film, do catch it only in Theatres and DTH, a film of this kind needs the support of the audience.

Pros: Cinematography, Kamal Hassan performance, Rahul Bose acting, Rich Production values
Cons: Moderate visual effects, Music & Background Score, Screenplay

Verdict:- It’s a Kamal Show all the way as an Actor, Writer and Director. His guts to choose a movie on terrorism is appreciable, but he failed in executing the movie in a more convincing way to get it accepted by all section of audiences.

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