Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wikio Shopping - UK Launch

Wikio, the European search engine for news, videos and blogs, has recently launched Wikio Shopping.

Wikio Shopping offers you an innovative shopping service. Not only allowing you to simply compare prices, it also provides users with the ability to research all the details of a product before buying it.

Wikio provides users with a dashboard view of the product they are researching. All information about the product is gathered from the web, and put in one centralized location. Wikio Shopping provides users with a convenient alternative to current methods of researching a product.

With Wikio Shopping, users can consult reviews, user opinions, forums, photos and videos. Users can also exchange their own opinions, reviews and photos with other users. Currently Wikio Shopping is operating in 5 European Countries. It is also available in the US.
Wikio Shopping is a place where you can find promotional codes and offers on more than 3500 vendors. Along with these codes, Wikio also offers a cash back service called Wikio Deals, to its users. So, if you wish to bargain and save your money, then you are probably in the correct place.

Here are some Wikio Shopping statistics:

- more than 235,000 products, sorted into more than 220 categories.
- almost one million product tests/reviews/subject forums concerning products
- more than 600,000 photos, and 475,000 videos!
- hundreds of thousands of offers within 9 main categories/themes
- all cultural (art, music etc.) products via Amazon, and hotels in 6000 cities all over the world via Sprice
- about 400 new products are added per day
- more than 1000 new reviews, product tests and forums added per day

Now, let me explain you, how to shop with Wikio Shopping. Suppose if you are in need of a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 Digital Camera, all you have to do is go to shop site. All the product categories will be displayed on the index page. Now, Click on “Electronics” and this will take you to page which will show you all the electronics goods. You will find ‘Digital Cameras’ under the “Photo & Video” category.

This will list for you all the digital cameras. You can even search using filters like Brand, Sensor Resolution and Camera Format. I was surprised to see 2753 results of well-known brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and some unknown brands in it. The page also contains the Top products, Hottest products, and New products.

If you are lucky enough, the product you look for might appear in the list on the first page itself. If not, use filters. Select ‘Panasonic’ in the list of brand. This will list all the Panasonic Digital Cameras and you have to click on the one which you wish to buy. Clicking on Panasonic Lumix TZ10 will list the product on different sites like Amazon, Amazon UK, Camerabox, Laskys, ebuyer, ebay etc,. You can select the site from which you wish to purchase the product. Just one click on “Go” will take you to the desired page. The most interesting part is that it displays the price along with the shipping charges and that is something very useful in saving lot of time. It also displays the reviews, latest news about the product, photos, videos and forums. You can even share the product information on twitter and Facebook and ask for people's advice on there.

Find it quite fast, easy and simple? Then what do you wait for? Visit Wikio Shopping and make the best deals online.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me and the content is 100% mine.


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