Friday, July 16, 2010

Costa Rica - Green Countries of the World

Costa Rica (Rich coast) - a warm country in Central America stands third in the list of Green countries in the world with 86.4 points. In terms of the 2010 Environmental Performance Index, it stands first among the Americas. The country which has been saying it would remain a clean and tidy country is now Costa working on the conservation of forest especially the virgin forests and its biodiversity.

For sure, Costa Rica is going to be a country with zero emissions of industrial carbon dioxide by 2021. To attain this goal, the Government encourages the development of new types of alternative energy sources and at the same time implementing already existing energy sources in the industry. Since it’s a warm country it does not have to heat the house which almost reduces one-third of energy consumption.

Last century, Costa Rica, which had abandon forest resources, cut down trees for export to foreign countries. The country is now trying to plant new trees to replace the cut downed. In 2008, despite the recession 5 million new trees were planted and this has given new hope for the restoration of trees destroyed earlier.

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