Friday, July 23, 2010

Google introduces - Blogger Stats

Many of us use Google Analytics or some other third party software and tools to keep track of our blog/site traffic. But most of these provide us with little information and are too complex to use. To put an end to the woes of bloggers, Google has finally introduced ‘Blogger Stats’ which is an easier-to-use and fully-integrated stats feature for Blogger.

You don’t have to sign up anywhere or install/configure anything. All you have to do is, just go to and Sign in your account. Your dashboard will remain the same, except for a small change. A new tab named ‘Stats’ will be added. Click that and your Stats is ready.

The coolest thing about this Stats feature is that it monitors and analyzes your blog's traffic in near-real-time. It helps you to see which post is getting the most visits and which sites are sending traffic to your blog right now.

For example, if a reader shares one of your blog posts on Twitter and the post is getting lots of clicks, you will see a traffic increase in Blogger Stats almost instantly, with the particular Tweet mentioning your post being identified as the traffic source. Of course, traffic data across longer time periods (day/week/month) and all-time historical data are available as well.

There are also a lot more data that can be tracked like popular search keywords that send visitors to your blog, which country your visitors come from, and the web browser they use etc. With this new Stats feature, you probably know what's going on with your blog right now. The new Stats feature shows all these data in a simple, easy-to-understand graphical user interface.

But do remember, this ‘Stats’ tab disappears once you sign out. If you wish to own it permanently, just put a tick mark in the check box that appears at the top right of dashboard window which says ‘Make Blogger in Draft my default dashboard’. So check out this exciting Stats feature now, and let us know what you feel about it.

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