Monday, June 21, 2010

Save your documents with iSigned

I have a friend who is a SAP Consultant and often makes visits to various MNCs around the globe. I have seen him carrying lot of documents, spreadsheets, ppts in his External hard disk/pen drive. But all of a sudden he stopped carrying all those gadgets. While asking about his change, he said about iSigned. I visited the site and got impressed with the features and facilities it offers. iSigned offers secure online storage for legal and other important documents. You can use it for travel documents, ID's, contracts, guarantees - whatever you think is important for you.
You can access your documents from anywhere, anytime. It allows secured sharing of your belongings with other parties. Each document uploaded can only be viewed by you and the persons you specifically share it with (for example, the other parties to a commercial agreement). If the document has an expiry date, iSigned will warn you about pending expiry with plenty of time to take action.

iSigned currently supports three types of users namely individuals, businesses and Legal professionals. Individuals get an unlimited storage from only $0.26 per day (which is only $7.95 per month). Businesses come up with some extra features like fine-grained user permission controls, detailed reporting and costs only $14.95 per month (minimum 2 users). Also, they are planning to introduce an API and enhance some features. You can even sign up for a free trial which allows you to store 5 documents with an unlimited-period.

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